Rajnikant is an explorer and a big foodie. He changed his career path after working in HSBC to pursue his passion for travel. He is an aspiring travel blogger. He is the ideas man and truly believes in creating unforgettable experiences in every tour crafted at MAI. He loves understanding the destination from the eyes of the locals and specifically picks those unique elements from them that will create a WOW factor for travellers that look up to him for guidance. He loves interacting with new people and leads the tours himself sometimes.


Shubham is the leading man in handling the Tours right from execution to feedback process. He makes sure that you have a smooth co-ordination and experience of all the services from vehicle to driver, resorts and guides. He is a man on mission right from the moment any tour is about to begin at MAI. He started an early career with his hard work, dedication and zero knowledge about the travel industry leaving his engineering courses behind him. With his calm and witty nature, he finds himself at his best outdoors.


Pranoti is an avid traveller and has an experience in travelling to many destinations in India. She is responsible for managing the customer interface, operations and the marketing activities at MAI . She firmly believes that India with its diverse food and culture has a great scope for tourism in a Global Travel industry. She loves to write and works her time in the detailing about the MAI experiences and bridges the gap from ideas to implementation. She is management pass out and joined the travel industry with her passion for travel.