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All our tours are designed
Based on a model called SELF!


Our Tours Offer LOTMORE

We strongly believe in our motto of LOTMORE - “Less on Travel, More on Real Experience” so that maximum of your time is being utilised creating memories and stories to take home. We have very specific holiday plans to offer you -these stand us out from the rest! All our tours are assembled in groups with variations as per your fit i.e. Solo, Couple, Men Only, Women Only, and Students special So that you not only enjoy the tour but enjoy similar company of friends. These tours are lead by our knowledgeable tour directors and our local guides, wherever necessary.

Experience the unfelt through
the journeys to the offbeat places

Watch the 300 years old unique local folk dance performed by the “Siddhi” community in Gujarat for their celebration after returning from a successful hunting expedition.

Gift yourself a stay at a camp far away from the madding crowd, one that will rekindle your love for nature and leave you satisfied and yearning for more.

Presenting to you the simplest meal that will fill your belly with content and leave you with the taste to linger on.

Take the small country boat canoe ride through the canals to see the real unspoilt beauty of Kerala.

An experiential holiday


At MAI all our tours are designed based on a process called ESCV

E (Explore) S (Shortlist) C (Create) V (Validate)

We Explore the region first completely and do a lot of research about its diversity, culture, cuisine and people. We work of every minute detail & Shortlist the destinations, experiences, stays, activities etc. We then experience each and everything to curate further and Create the itinerary with the best of curated ones. After that our team repeats the itinerary as if they were doing the real tour to capture the experiences in the camera. Once the product is created, we do a soft launch for all MAI fans to Validate the product and further invite improvements and changes to finally launch it for all our customers.

Wander with us

Where the Wi-Fi is weak but the connection is stronger

All this while

You’ve been feeding your belly, it’s time to feed your soul with the authentic cuisines.

Enjoy the rustic flavours
of local stays

With great locations and uncompromised amenities.

Get stung by the real

As you meet the locals and see their living in an unadulterated way.

Return home with the stories to tell

Not just the stuff to show.

You haven’t had the real experience

Till you discover what we have in store for you.


The Book on Experiential Travel In India

Our CEO Mr. Rajnikant who is an explorer and have been extensively travelling in India since past decade have published a book “Mad About India” . All the products are designed by him along with his team to give you the best travel experiences in India.


All types of travel are experiential in some way. Be it luxury or adventure or wellness or wildlife and birding etc. But, experiential travel is primarily based on various kinds of experiences like culture, heritage, living, food, nature which are mildly adventorous and can be done by anyone provided the person enjoys these kind of experiences. Most of the mature and the new generation of travellers are now moving towards these new trends. Let me explain about the concept of experiential travel in detail with a few examples.